The EScala design platform greatly enhances productivity for complex algorithm definition, development, delivery, and support.

EScala is FAST

  • Define algorithms in C/C++ language
  • Generates architecturally advantaged high performance core and scheduled code
  • Fast and automated flow enables greater understanding of implementation options and trade-offs
  • Fast models, design data base, compilers, and tools generated on the fly


  • Up to 32 OPS per cycle
  • Up to 128 bytes per cycle memory access
  • Support for custom instructions
  • Wide range of frequency support
  • Support for multiple cores

EScala is SMART

  • Increase design productivity through high-level language support of C/C++
  • Optimizes power, performance, and area for architecturally tuned solution
  • Preserves flexibility by providing C/C++ toolchain for the resulting tuned hardware platform

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